Spruce up Your Lawn This Spring

Published on 4/27/2021
Hopefully this weather has you feeling cheery and in the mood for spring and summer! If you’re looking for some ways to spruce up your yard in Virginia this season, start off with these tips.

1. Aerate your lawn

This step only needs to be done about once a year or so. But it will greatly improve your lawn quality, especially if you have a high traffic backyard. Simply get a handheld aeration device (or for larger yards, consider renting a larger machine) and have at it. Aeration is essentially putting holes about 3 inches deep all over in the yard to let air, water and nutrients get down in the earth that’s otherwise compacted and unhealthy.

2. Water deeply

Of course, making sure the grass has enough water to grow healthy is important. But it’s actually better to water less but really saturate the earth rather than watering frequently but only at surface level. This tactic will help the grass develop strong roots and stay healthier longer.

3. Leave grass clippings to help fertilize

Once you mow, rather than throwing away the cut grass, leave the mounds right there on your lawn. They decompose quickly and offer great nutrients right back into the soil and growing grass.

4. Try composting

Not only is this step great for the environment in general, it could also benefit your backyard directly. Create an area to hold the food waste in your yard and simply let it all decompose instead of going in the trash to a landfill. You can then use your composted soil and add it in to your lawn for healthier grass and dirt.