3 Fast Ways to Spruce Up a Bathroom

Published on 4/24/2021

If you’re looking for a quick makeover for your guest bathroom, try these 3 tips!


The first aspect of a bathroom people will notice is the sanitation. Make sure to not only have given the bathroom a good wipe down prior to showing the listing, but also make sure the trash can is empty and cleaning products are stored away under the sink. The goal is to make the bathroom appear as though it’s brand new because buyers love newness. 

Clear Counters

To make the bathroom appear both larger and cleaner, make sure the counter is clear of all toiletries. Counter space is a luxury, so maximizing all square footage of it is extremely necessary. Keep cosmetics hidden away in drawer space and only leave soap and a hand towel out. 

Add Plants

Real flowers and plants will make the space come alive. Plants also have many health benefits (improves air quality, reduces stress, etc.) and will brighten up the room. 

A fast weekend project to spruce up your space is always fun. Did our tips help? Let us know!